Capture The Flag, Penetration Testing, Forensic Analysis, Network Defend

Cyber Jawara

CYBER JAWARA is a national cyber security competition which is held online and on-site rounds. The CYBER JAWARA competition consists of Computer Network Defense, Penetration Test, Capture The Flag and Forensic Analysis challenges.

CYBER JAWARA's goal is to raise information security awareness through online cyber security competition.

CYBER JAWARA aims to promote ethical hacking to be accepted, practiced and demonstrated without any discriminations, across all geographic boundaries, for the purpose of understanding what it takes to protect and secure critical information and assets.

The History

1. The Cyber Jawara ™️

The CYBER JAWARA competition was first held in 2012 organized by ID-SIRTII / CC. Since 2020 Cyber Jawara has continued to be held by CSIRT.ID. This competition is held to inspire and encourage the growth of interests, talents, and human resource potential in Cyber Security initiatives in Indonesia. We are grateful that since then similar activities - including other pre-existing Cyber Security Competition series - have begun to receive wider attention and recognition. Therefore, CYBER JAWARA has effectively become a dissemination and awareness medium of general Cyber Security issues.

2.The Cyber Defence ™️

The CYBER JAWARA team was also appointed as the organizer of the Open Source Security Competition at the annual Indonesia Creative Open Source Software (ICROSS) event which is organized by the Indonesian Open Source Association (AOSI). Then, since 2013 along with the Indonesian Information Technology Federation (FTII), a series of Cyber Defense Competitions (CDC) was formed within the TNI to support the cybersecurity program in Ministry of Defense –.

Participant Requirements

Participant Requirements

  1. Own a State Official Identity Card
  2. Is maximum 30 years of age as of December 2023
  3. Each Team consists of 3 persons at most


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Role Of The Game

The Elimination Round is an online Jeopardy style of Capture the Flag (CTF). In Jeopardy CTF, the participants will be challenged with a number of security scenarios to look for special data (Flags) that can be obtained by exploiting system vulnerabilities or by looking for important security information details from the prepared data.


  1. Web Vulnerabitliy Assessment & Penetration Testing
  2. Executable Binary Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing
  3. Network Packet & Log Analysis
  4. Digital Forensic Analysis
  5. Cryptography
  6. Reverse Engineering


1. Each question contains a narrative case along with supporting files or addresses of network/web services that must be analyzed from cybersecurity perspective.
2. Each question has a different weight/points which will be calculated dynamically based on the question’s submission order/sequence.
3. To get a score on a question, participants must submit the Flag in the submission form for each question.
4. Scoreboard will be displayed during the preliminary round and will be frozen in the last 1 hour of the competition.
5. Participants who are top ranked must submit a Proof of Concept (PoC) or solving steps for each question in PDF format (without a special template) no later than 10 hours after the qualification ends. Solved Questions that are submitted without a clear PoC will be graded 0. The more detailed the PoC information, the better the value will be.

Special Terms

Participants may be given a penalty or even disqualification if proven to have done the following:

1. Committing DoS (Denial of Service) in any form.
2. Committing foul such as sharing Flags, viewing other team’s work, sharing accounts to people outside the team, or cooperating to other teams.
3. Damaging the system or exploiting target so excessively that other teams cannot complete it. In case a participant does this by mistake, please report it to the committee as soon as possible.
4. Doing excessive access to the server. There is no case requires online brute force. Excessive access will result in IP being banned automatically within a certain time.

Competition Reference

This competition is held based on the Capture the Flag standard (

The Final Stage


The ability to monitor, defend, and protect computer network and information systems from any interference or attack attempts.


Ability to quickly analyze and find evidence of an attack.


A Hacking Competition where the participants are free to explore and exploit a network that has been provided by the committee with predetermined objectives. All participants are required to find and exploit network security vulnerabilities so that participants are able to penetrate the target provided by the committee and usually the target is a server.


Ability to find vulnerabilities of a computer system and network.

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